Reaching top position in university world rankings


Game legend

Russian universities are struggling to get to top positions in university world rankings.

Players will take positions of the heads of large universities, work-out the strategy of getting in top of one of rankings and try to accomplish these plans to get higher positions.

Ranking consists of 5 groups of indices, which includes 13 indices. The team that got the highest place in rankings wins.

Usage in educational process

Independent organisation
Teacher / instructor organises and stages the event by themselves, using manuals and materials for the game.
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To the customers in need of new simulators

Customization of the simulation
Our team is capable of developing a simulator with certain sector's specifics or introducing changes to existing ones, according to the customer' goals.
University management trainer

Our team has a trainer of the university management in new economic conditions. Accents in that simulation are more shifted to inner aspects of managing and competition between virtual universities.

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Independent organisation
Reaching top posotion
in university world rankings