Managing manufacturing


Game legend

Bicycle factory building project has successfully started, and currently it is routinely functioning, which results in stable dividends for owners.

In order to make the next step in strategy, business' owners had invited a team of young directors.

Usage in educational process

Independent organisation
Teacher / instructor organises and stages the event by themselves, using manuals and materials for the game.
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To the customers in need of new simulators

Customization of the simulation
Our team is capable of developing a simulator with certain sector's specifics or introducing changes to existing ones, according to the customer' goals.
Perspective trends of the simulator's development

The simulator of corporation managing models main business processes of a company, which could be detalised and enhanced further. The model created int that project might be used for creation of new versions of the simulator application in accordance to a customer's needs. Perspective trends of the simulator's development: 1) expansion of «sales» part of a company or creation of the model for a retail company; 2) development of various features of the simulator to the point of them becoming stand-alone specific-themed trainer.


Independent organisation
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